Meditation on silliness

May I emphasize the absurdity of living In which there are so many people Who don't get common sense Or mix up pride and confidence or Mix up judgement and understanding And think there are walls between science and God as if the cross is not a polygon. I cannot believe that people are inherently … Continue reading Meditation on silliness

ART | Steampunk sketch

Showcasing illustrations and art which tells a story I drew this a few weeks ago, expecting to make something like a poster for an over-the-top action anime because I was listening to a song from an over-the-top steampunk action anime.  Clearly that didn't happen. The story idea that first came to me when drawing this … Continue reading ART | Steampunk sketch


On the 6th, I was accepted for attendance in the Susquehanna University's Summer Advanced Writing Workshop.  Hopefully come June, work will become much more consistent as school is cleared from my schedule. In other news, expect another piece to come on the 13th.  It's kind of weird but I like to think that I did … Continue reading News