Short stories for the lost, quiet, and bored.

This is a modest compendium of fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and sometimes surreal short stories and poetry, often religious in nature, and provided for free reading. They are tales meant to cheer and comfort, or at least induce some level of thoughtfulness. I would like you to be compensated somewhat for your time, in some way, and walk away from this site perhaps feeling happier or more contemplative than before you came. Although, failing that, I hope you feel blessed today anyway.

A quirky sample is here, to welcome you. Thanks for stopping by.

You wander towards a little stand on the side of the street.  It holds a couple of small books, and it’s manned by a teenaged girl.  She offers you a wave and a smile as you take a gander at her wares.

“Hi.  My name’s Clara,” she says. “This is some of the stuff I write in my free time.  Feel free to read whatever you want.  All free of charge.” She offers you a chair off to the side. “Here, have a seat, and stay as long as you want to.  I’ll be here to keep you company.”