Christian Short Stories

Stories which express Christian values, either explicitly or implicitly (such as through metaphor).


Honorable Mentions:


The Master Shepherd

The story starts with Tarmund, a thief, and Jacob, a shepherd. Tarmund was down on his luck. He wasn’t a thief originally, but had become that way once he’d set out on his own and discovered that he was grossly unprepared to begin adulthood. He was too prideful and too afraid to go home and … Continue reading The Master Shepherd

The King’s Apples

This story takes place in a time from long ago, when kings and queens ruled the land. Most kings became famous for their battlefield wit, their economic prowess, or for a particularly prosperous reign; but in this story, the King is famous for his apples. His orcharder was tremendously experienced, and skillful in his field; … Continue reading The King’s Apples

The Old Man and His Birds

Once there was an old man, who always fed the birds all winter; he would put out suet cakes and all sorts of seeds for them, with lots of little bird-feeders all around his garden and his backyard. It was Christmastime, and so the old man was out every day, checking the feeders, filling the … Continue reading The Old Man and His Birds