The Roaming Mole

It was a fine afternoon. More precisely, it was a fine 6 o’clock p.m., and in light of recent events, Solomon Salamander had invited Tottles Toad to have tea with him that afternoon. They were both far from comfortable being alone for too long, in light of recent events, and Solomon thought that he would … Continue reading The Roaming Mole

Illustration for "Mean 'Ol Mr. Fox". A family of 12 bunny children sit around their underground living room while mom reads to them from a book she has in her lap.

Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox

First thing in the morning, Mr. Ferrier Fox found that he was hungry. Granted, Mr. Fox was hungry most of the time. That was why he spent so much time hunting. But this morning, Mr. Fox was especially hungry, with an appetite for rabbit. And today, as he arose from his fox-den, shook off the … Continue reading Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox

Illustration for "Tommy Cat Gives the Tour". There are two cats on a garden path. On the right is a white cat in a pink bonnet, turned upside-down and stuck in some rose bushes, smiling playfully. On the left is an orange tabby tomcat, who is staring at the white cat in amazement that she's not bothered by the thorns. It's warm and sunny and altogether very cozy-looking.

Tommy Cat Gives the Tour

Little Catherine was sad to see the old farmer’s truck rumble out of the driveway, with all its luggage tied to the back, and his wife looking out the window towards the old white farmhouse. They had been there for many years, but something had forced them to leave – Catherine suspected that it was … Continue reading Tommy Cat Gives the Tour