Meditation on connections

I suppose that people don’t like to be tied down.
I get it.
But understand –
   There is a difference between being tied down
   and being tied to something.
I don’t think that being tied to something is a bad thing.
And understand –
  Having nothing to connect to
  Is like floating in the ocean without a rope.
And consider that a storm is approaching –
  It always is.
And without the rope to keep you ashore –
  You will be thrown out to sea,

Consider if the tree had no roots.
Consider if the bird had no feet to stand on.
The tree would always be moving from one place to another,
And the bird could only ever roll or fly –
   Never stand strong on any single platform.

Consider if we never grew up anywhere.
Consider if we could decide what our own roots are.
How would we decide?
How could we choose with no parents,
   Or culture,
   Or home
   to fall back on?

Consider if there was never a place to go back to,
A place where we can go, say,
  “Honey, I’m home!”
A place where we can go to our rooms
Have peace, quiet,
A sanctuary for the most wonderful ecstasies
   Or the most terrible turmoils.

Consider if there was no golden string to tie us
   to our families.

Consider if
We were just tumbleweeds
Tumbling around
Nowhere to end
And nowhere to start from.

God gave us parents for a reason.

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