Love letter: to the writer

I am a ghost writer, but I am not dead. I am the spirit who writes stories in your head. Whether in night dreams,    or in daydreams, I write stories for thee. When you lift your pencil, I am the shadow you cast; Dark, dramatic, and infinitely vast, the stories you write come from … Continue reading Love letter: to the writer

Come to the Well

Come to the Well, Partake of the water That has flowed for two-thousand years. Wash away your blood and tears; Hear the sounds    and be soothed. Watch it turn into wine, Marvel at the beauty    of its sparkling surface,    its red color, Feel the fire in your heart and belly, Become drunk … Continue reading Come to the Well


Daubs paint my canvas with Black Blue Red Yellow Sadness Joy Love Calm Fantasy Fiction Fact Reality Surreality Defined Abstract Worlds Everything Daubs paint my canvas Beautifully Author's Notes: This is an older poem, (February of last year, in fact!) but I've been struggling to finish any short stories and thought I'd post it anyway. … Continue reading Daubs

Fall is the-

I walk out, with the leaves orange and yellow and red the damp air and grey skies, and when I look out, I think Fall is the fresh air, chill of dew in the morning, trees painting the earth, the often-overcast sky, clouds as canvases, the chill, watching the world change, the rare spots of … Continue reading Fall is the-