Little Legends #4.5 – The Old Man and His Birds [Christmas Special Issue!]

Today’s Little Legend:

The Old Man and His Birds is a very short story about some birds who find out that the old man who feeds them doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with, and their attempts to get him to go to the Christmas party at a local church despite his apparent resistance.

“What’s that?” asked the starling.
“It’s a beeble tract,” said the bluebird.
“No, I think it’s ‘Bible’,” said the chickadee.
The bluebird decided to try saying it proper. It was the most important book of all, after all! Better give it due respect. “Be- beeble? Bibble. Bi-b-baible. Um.”
“Better,” said the chickadee, trying not to laugh.

This started mainly because I really like chickadees, and thought to feature one in a story; the quirky bluebird that features was always one of my favorite birds since childhood, because it was blue (I made anything that was blue my favorite).  I wanted to make something short and sweet for this season, and so here it is.  I think it is exceptionally suitable for young children, and due to its length may make a good bedtime story.

A Letter to the Reader:

For the past several years, we haven’t had any snow over Christmas where I lived. I remember years as a child when there was a foot or more of dry, powdery snow on the ground, and some years where you had the snow that was good for snowballs. One of those years, our neighbor plowed our driveway for us, and my sisters and I dug a big snow-cave out of the resulting pile. One of my fondest memories.
But we hadn’t gotten any snow for some time, and I remember staring out the window one Christmas, and finding myself a little disappointed that we hadn’t gotten a white Christmas. So, earlier this month, I asked the Lord if we couldn’t have a white Christmas (silly prayer, I know).

And though it’s only the 23rd as I write this, there is a bit of snow on the ground, and a bit of snow – where I live – is much better than no snow, because if we have no snow our winters are terribly dreary and muddy-looking. Hoping it lasts for the next two days. Maybe we will even get another snowfall! (Point is, it didn’t hurt for me to ask, and I’m glad I did.)

And I don’t know if you have a white Christmas, but I hope you do.  They are so lovely.  Either way, God bless you, and have a Merry Christmas.

Coming up:

A seasonal sort of mystery/crime story about a church that has been taken over by a cult, and the girl that investigates.


About this publication:

Little Legends is a biweekly periodical, geared towards families and individuals looking for positive, honest storytelling. It features a short story, some relevant information or an anecdote, and anything else that may have been produced such as poetry. You can read more about me, the author, here. Thanks for reading.

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