Illustration for "Tommy Cat Gives the Tour". There are two cats on a garden path. On the right is a white cat in a pink bonnet, turned upside-down and stuck in some rose bushes, smiling playfully. On the left is an orange tabby tomcat, who is staring at the white cat in amazement that she's not bothered by the thorns. It's warm and sunny and altogether very cozy-looking.

Little Legends #4 – Tommy Cat Gives the Tour

Today’s Little Legend:

Tommy Cat Gives the Tour features a country cat who has to move to the city, and her new friend who shows her around; it also guest stars many, many other friendly cats, and one kindly dog.

She walked up to a nearby tree and began to climb up. “Is this a maple? We had a sugar maple on the old farm. She made jolly good syrup and was a joy to climb! Oh, how lovely! I think that might be wintergreen! And – catnip?”
“Yes, it is catnip,” Tommy replied, seeing the lavender-colored, fuzz-coated flowers she referred to. “Don’t get too close, though. You’ll lose your faculties.”

First it started as a little sketch of some cats exploring the city, and has gradually expanded.  It’s particularly short despite the struggle I had writing it (I was trying to fit both highly analytical editing and both highly creative writing into the same work routine, along with poor sleep, which has not been working).  Personal opinion: it’s a little sad at some points, but otherwise is positively adorable, and honestly I don’t see why it wouldn’t be appealing to any cat lover.

A Short Anecdote:

Have you ever had to deal with a big lot of overly affectionate, hungry barn cats? I have.
Just imagine this. You start making the 50-foot climb up a hill to the barn in the front yard. You call the cats. One big lot of cats come sprinting towards you quicker than you can blink, most of them going straight past you, but sometimes making themselves comfy right where you’re going to step on them. You do a quick hopscotch trying to avoid them on the way up.
Once you’re finally to the barn, all of the cats have converged at the door, meowing up a storm,

and you pull open the door from two feet away because of all the cats in your way.
The cats flood into the barn. You walk into the barn and have to step over what seems like an endless stream of cats crawling everywhere, getting underfoot, and jumping on and off the bin of food. Once you’ve gotten the cats off the top you can open it and then have to fight off the cats trying to jump into the bin while you get their food and serve it. Once you’ve served the food you can rest easy, because the cats are too occupied with eating to care about your existence anymore, and you are done. You can then make the 50-foot descent back to your house where you can flop into a chair and ponder life.

Coming up:

A mystery with supernatural flair, featuring a quirky amateur detective and his level-headed wife.



About this publication:

Little Legends is a biweekly periodical, geared towards families and individuals looking for positive, honest storytelling. It features a short story, some relevant information or an anecdote, and anything else that may have been produced such as poetry. You can read more about me, the author, here. Thanks for reading.

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