Little Legends #1 – The Master Shepherd

Today’s Little Legend:

The Master Shepherd is a short story about the shepherd boy’s new assistant, set in a rural area just outside Jerusalem around the time of Jesus, and has themes of forgiveness and redemption.

One night, Tarmund asked Jacob why he gave all his sheep names.
“Oh, that’s easy,” Jacob replied around a hunk of bread.  He chewed rapidly and swallowed the piece of bread, with difficulty, “If we’re all God’s sheep, and He gives us all names, why should I not do the same for mine?”

The story isn’t too long, and would be fine as a moral tale for children starting out in school.  It’s existed as bits and pieces scattered in my journal for a while, but now those bits and pieces have come together.  A lot of the original climax was scrapped because I actually did some homework on the Mosaic law to write this, and now it’s a lot tamer compared to the original.

A brief update:

I have returned from the dead (i.e. my hiatus is over)! My hiatus was because I was tied up with a novel, and I haven’t stopped working on that novel, but I have realized that it was a strange excuse for not building a presence here and have returned.  The novel turned out to be a much larger project than estimated, and I cannot tell you when it will be done.  At the same time, I doubt that the subject will change, so I will allow that it is about some people trying to stop the end of the world (not the Biblical apocalypse, it’s something different).

Besides that, I have graduated from high school (yay!) and should have all the time in the world to manage my writing tasks and such anyway.

Coming up:

A slightly silly short tale written almost in the vein of Beatrix Potter. It is closely related to The Roaming Mole in that it features the setting and some of the characters from that story.



About this publication:

Little Legends is a biweekly periodical, geared towards families and individuals looking for positive, honest storytelling. It features a short story, short tidbits of information or anecdotes or an update on anything relevant to the readership, and anything else that may have been produced such as poetry.  You can read more about me, the author, here.  Thanks for reading.

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