Little Legends #2 – Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox

Today's Little Legend: Mean 'Ol Mr. Fox is a short story about a hungry fox who's decided to pick on a local family of rabbits for his breakfast.  It's set in a little village full of animals in a forest, and has a feel somewhat similar to Beatrix Potter's stories. Rebecca shook the broom at … Continue reading Little Legends #2 – Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox

Little Legends #1 – The Master Shepherd

Today's Little Legend: The Master Shepherd is a short story about the shepherd boy's new assistant, set in a rural area just outside Jerusalem around the time of Jesus, and has themes of forgiveness and redemption. One night, Tarmund asked Jacob why he gave all his sheep names. "Oh, that's easy," Jacob replied around a … Continue reading Little Legends #1 – The Master Shepherd