An announcement: I exist.

Hello, Internet!  Welcome to my corner of the internet, in which I write things, post them, and people read them!  Hopefully.

I have a few shorts stories and some poetry on here, and little else.  However,  I assure you that it will one day be a library that is filled with stories!  Metaphorically speaking of course, I do not own a physical business location.  It would be cool if I did, though.

Get your hot cup of tea, coffee, or whatever drink or snack food that you prefer, stick it in your favorite mug if you have one, sit down, and enjoy.  I hope that my work is satisfying to you.

To begin your romp through my website, I have linked the works that have been best received by my relatives on Facebook:

Snow is a Sad Color, a short story,

A Question of Belief, a poem,

Telling Stories, a poem,

Little Boy, a short story,

& The Bread House, a short story.

I hope you enjoy your romp, and thank you for gracing my site with your presence.  It really is an honor to entertain you!

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