My first anniversary!

*pops imaginary champagne/sparkling grape juice*

Hi, guys.  It’s a little belated, but not too long ago (the 16th of April, I think), this website had its first anniversary.  I’ve been working here for little over a year now, and it’s really fun! (Hopefully work will become more consistent as we go into the next year of existence.) I don’t want to make a big deal out of all this but I just thought it would be nice to thank you all for being here, because if you weren’t there wouldn’t be a whole lot of people to tell my stories to, now would there?  But, yeah.  So big thanks and big hugs to all of you.

So, uh… Would you like a glass?

2 thoughts on “My first anniversary!

  1. Betty Rininger says:

    Happy Anniversary Clara, Glad to see you are having fun and some success with your blog. Keep the stories coming. We love to read them. Grandma

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