Illustration for "Homecoming, Part 1". A picture of a young woman standing in the courtyard of an old, Catholic-built church, with stained-glass windows. It's wintertime, and there's snow on everything, in addition to the dark night sky.

Little Legends #5 – Homecoming, pt. 1

Today's Little Legend: Homecoming is a supernatural mystery in several parts featuring a young graphic arts student who has come home from the holidays, and her amateur investigation of the strange pastor and congregation who are now spearheading her old church.  Part 1 kicks off the mystery with her initial arrival into town - a … Continue reading Little Legends #5 – Homecoming, pt. 1

The Roaming Mole

It was a fine afternoon. More precisely, it was a fine 6 o'clock p.m., and in light of recent events, Solomon Salamander had invited Tottles Toad to have tea with him that afternoon. They were both far from comfortable being alone for too long, in light of recent events, and Solomon thought that he would … Continue reading The Roaming Mole