Teach a man to bake…

One day, Jeanine was walking out of her house with a basket full of home-made breads, pastries and jams.  She was heading off to a local potluck that was happening a short walk away, where many of her friends would attend.  On her walk, Jeanine encountered a man lying in a very dingy and sad … Continue reading Teach a man to bake…

On the Matter of Idiots

Omar looked up at his friend with an exasperated expression. “Come down from there, you fool!” he called, “You'll kill yourself like that, I reckon!” “Hush up, you!” called his friend, who sat in the tree chopping branches for some new project.  He was always making up some new project or another. “I'm perfectly capable … Continue reading On the Matter of Idiots


An unearthly light filled the room. He chased after her, but his lungs were becoming raw and his legs were tired. She run ahead of him with the eagerness of a child have been away from home for too long.

Pi (pie)

Pi is a really big number; so is my pie! I could feed everyone who ever existed if pi was pie. But pi a'int pie, so I will have to settle for knowing that pi is in the circumference of my pie, with an infinite number of angles.