Strange Geometries

Strange Geometry

Strange machinery hummed in the walls.

He sat in a corner, hidden behind a tangled mass of atoms and molecules, nothing but a feeble barrier of unknown material. When struck, it created a musical ring, a beautiful and haunting sound, like a choir of bells crescendoing into a great baying before fading into nothing once more – but the structure was filled with only the lonely hum of hollow machinery.

The man remained stock-still, trying to keep himself from shivering in the cold, alien geometry of this inhuman structure. No human of sound and sane mind could have conceived of such bizarre architecture; nor could one have theorized of the things that lurked within.

Among the unbearable stillness, he heard the sound of deafening chimes and felt dread rise in his stomach at what was coming near. He remained completely silent and hoped that it would pass.

That lovely, wonderful ringing swept him off his feet with every footfall. Even so, he knew that it could only herald incoming death, and wondered at how he would ever bring himself to hate it. In that solitary moment of thoughtfulness, he peeked up and saw a ring of hundreds of great bulging eyes looking at him from the impenetrable darkness of an unlit hall and found it in himself to run.

In those moments of terror, he wondered if there was anyone who still remembered that he was down here. If anyone was ever going to come and save him from this nightmare of strange geometries.

Author’s Notes:

This was some flash fiction I wrote after I decided to try my hand at non-euclidean geometry in that pixel-ly illustration there. Figured ‘huh! That’s pretty neat!’ and thought that I could do something more with it. Can’t say if I was perfectly successful at strictly ‘non-euclidean’ geometry as I was at just making a weird thing. (Pretty hard to make non-euclidean geometry when you’re working purely in squares…) But, tell me what you think, and I hope you liked it!