Made of Good Days

A man looks back at his mother’s life.

Before Time

A peek into the early life of our universe.

A sky in black sheets

A short story of nature, city skies, and the nostalgic stranger on the roof.

Water Phoenix

What do you do when you’re at the end of your spiritual rope?  I dunno.  It’s kind of a strange process.


Park Benches

A poem, about rain and sadness.

Fall is the-

Fall is strange and melancholy and beautiful all at once.

Leaving Things

Sacrifices must be made.

Telling Stories

A tale of tales.

A question of belief

Do you believe in humanity?


A poem about coloration.

Ode to Storytelling

A piece of weirdness about stories.  It’s not really an ode, but… eh.

Meditation on Silliness

People are silly and wierd and sometimes stupid. But we should love ’em anyway.

Meditation on Connections

Without anywhere to build from, you can’t make anything strong and stable.