Before Time

“Once, there was a time… A time in which the universe was merely a lonely life.  A small pocket dimension containing all things, all reality, all of knowledge, but it did not have anyone to share it with.  It was only a little piece of reality held cozily within the cradle of the nurturing hands of the Creator.  It wished to share it’s gifts with another – wished so long for someone else to come and rejoice in its gifts.  But there were none.Then one day, the lonely universe came away from its dimension, left its lonely cradle in the hands of the Creator.  At first, there was only light – a blinding light with no warmth, sound or feeling.  But then, the universe gained its sight back.  Its everything had become something – the stars and planets, all of reality being born in the blackness before its eyes.  The new lives upon its worlds and realities, it shared its gifts with – the gifts of love and life, of knowledge and emotion.  This greatness now before it, the lives of its friends soon to be born having been granted its gifts, the universe became content, sleeping… Until its time comes to another lonely, bittersweet end.”- Clara Rininger

The Art:

A thing I drew, inspired by Thomas Bergersen’s song of the same name.  It was a while ago that I made this, but I remember thinking that if we could make our universe something tangible, something relatable, like the young, lonely, childlike universe in this picture, perhaps we could become closer to it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it; I’ve heard from relatives that this is a very thought-provoking piece.  Thanks.

– Clara