Little Legends #3 – The King’s Apples

Today's Little Legend: The King's Apples is about the new apprentice of the King's orcharder, and a tree that grows golden apples.  It's a sort of cross between a parable, allegory, and fairy tale, dealing primarily with pride, humility, and service. Sam gave the King the apple, and he used the knife to cut off … Continue reading Little Legends #3 – The King’s Apples


Little Legends #2 – Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox

Today's Little Legend: Mean 'Ol Mr. Fox is a short story about a hungry fox who's decided to pick on a local family of rabbits for his breakfast.  It's set in a little village full of animals in a forest, and has a feel somewhat similar to Beatrix Potter's stories. Rebecca shook the broom at … Continue reading Little Legends #2 – Mean ‘Ol Mr. Fox